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it is raining. interesting start. >> it is going to be on the roads and in the air. why don't we look at the weather forecast. live doppler, 7 hd, good morning. lighter rain in the north bay bulk of heavier rain moving through the heart of the bay right now heading towards the south bay. north bay west of cloverdale, darker green some of the stronger radar returns some of the moderate rain, lighter rain spread through north bay. between san francisco and oakland, alameda best rain south of the bay bridge. east bay hills just about to push into the san ramon valley. peninsula just along 280 into the west some of the heavier rain. rain on the increase for peninsula, east bay shore and south bay over the next hour or two. rain is the issue this morning on the roads.
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this video taken by terry mcsweeney, on his way that work this morning lombard street, windshield wipers, rain that is going to be the case, including standing water and flooding in some areas that's the biggest problem we have. live look at golden gate bridge, wet, quiet out there, standing water high street on-ramp northbound 880 due to work there, flooding eastbound 580 past 150th on the right lane. we'll be checking in often on the travel situation this morning. developing news, a man dead after apparently falling down a slippery hill into a water-filled rock quarry in oakland. crews began searching for the man 7:00 last night. they were told he may have fallen off the cliff behind his home while looking for his cat. his body was found by a dive team at 1:00 this morning in the 80 foot deep quarry.
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the cat was found an hour into the search. rain now providing wet and messy start to your thanksgiving getaway. amy hollyfield is live in oakland with what is happening. >> reporter: it is wet out here. we are keeping an eye on the toll plaza, today is going to be a busy day on the roads. traffic okay we haven't seen big areas of standing water, it is wet something to keep in mind. look at this video we shot overnight, bay area did get a good soaking overnight, chp tells me they were very busy, several calls, solo spin-outs the peak of the weather between 11 p.m. and 2:00 this morning the phone was ringing off the hook caltrans was also busy overnight responding to calls of flooded areas that needed to be drained or areas they needed to help out drivers.
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now the rain seems to be tapering off a bit calls are slowing. hopefully, this won't impact your journey too much today if you are trying to get away for the thanksgiving holiday. the good news, we are getting through it now. tomorrow the forecast looks good it is supposed to be a beautiful thanksgiving holiday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning, marin county residents are keeping an eye on the rain worried their hopes will flood the redwood mobile home park in greenbrae says it is below sea level. high tide at 6:17 this morning. they usually flood when there's a combination of lots of rain and high tide. wet weather will likely cause more delays at sfo today where many are flying out for their thanksgiving holiday or picked up. last night incoming flights at sfo were delayed at least 90 minutes because of rain. it was even worse yesterday
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morning, heavy traffic getting in and out of the airport even by midnight. crowds are expected all over the nation in the air and on the ground. rob nelson has more. >> reporter: by plane, trains and highways, millions of americans are gearing up for what aaa has declared the busiest travel day of the year. fierce weather system will make for tough travel in the northwest and northern california. any flight delays aren't likely to ripple across the country. >> if there were to be a storm in chicago or northeast could you count on mass chaos that does not look like the case. >> reporter: in los angeles, a major airport worker protest will delay travelers there. passengers at l.a.x. are advised to give themselves a three hour cushion and extra 90 anyone's to get there. not everyone will be traveling by air, 39 million are expected to drive. millions of people will be riding the rails today, amtrak adding extra trains on its
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most crowded corridors borrowing some from canada to handle the holiday crush. problems linger from hurricane sandy including a shortage of rental cars in the northeast the few left are going for hundreds of dollars a day. rob nelson, abc news, new york. 26-year-old murder suspect scheduled to be in court today in san jose believed to be involved in a violent crime spree. jonathan wilbanks was arrested last friday an officer suffered minor injuries in a shootout. wilbanks and another suspect still on the loose are suspected of killing a 22-year-old during an attempted carjacking. wilbanks is being held without bail. $20,000 reward offered for the capture of his accomplice. in a few hours ken salazar will visit an oyster farm. next week he is expected to
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announce a decision on whether to allow the company to continue operating there. the lease which allows the company to grow and harvest oysters is set to expire the end of the minute. park service claims the farm is harming the environment and wants it closed. review in august found the park services environmental review lacked strong scientific support. this morning union members are returning to work at the port of oakland following a 24 hour strike. picketers blocked trucks most of the day yesterday. the one-day strike was over stalled contract talks. last night both sides agreed to return to the negotiating table. the port says it needs to cut expenses. the union wants to see the port's financial records. several shelters are getting ready to open to help homeless stay warm and dry in the coming months. starting monday homeless in
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the south bay can find shelter at sunnyvale and national guard armories. several shelters in san francisco are already open and serving meals from now through february. temporary shelter at oakland army base is open from nowaayy through mid april. big travel day, folks trying to get out of town, get to the airport. some of us trying to pick up last minute items for dinner tomorrow. >> just like us getting to work, was it wet for you? >> it was and on the embarcadero standing water there. south of the ferry building, it was up to the curb and starting to work towards the ferry building hopefully they will get that fixed quickly we still have wet weather moving through san francisco area but the bulk heading towards alameda, oakland, san leandro heading up towards 13 south of berkeley and 24 through moraga, lafayette, over towards
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concord, walnut creek towards alamo. hayward, whipple road, fremont, union city, nice radar returns along san mateo, redwood city, palo alto, 237 heading towards cupertino from page mill road and alpine road expect your rain to pick up, showers continue through 7:00, one last chance around noon then dry air during the afternoon, open up clouds, upper 50s coast, mid 60s the rest of us. be prepared this evening with lack of cloud cover it is going to cool quickly low to mid 50s by 7:00 dry and brighter thanksgiving low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s friday and saturday. good morning. happy wednesday. hump day. short workweek for a lot of us light traffic as amy hollyfield was telling us at the bay bridge toll. wet and no metering lights, very light into san francisco.
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otherwise problems with standing water and a couple of accidents westbound 580 north livermore blocking left lane first reports eastbound 580 reverse, jacknifed big rig possibly blocking all lanes we'll check on that. otherwise, solo spin ott in oakland, south 880 at 980, taxi blocking two left lanes due to standing water. 101 both directions standing water through mill valley, cortamadera it comes up fast. southbound 101 before paul left lane has flooding there. 4:39. >> next, san francisco supervisors lay down the law against public nudity. as votes came in, the clothes came off. a judge throws a monkey wrench into wal-mart's plans to protect black friday
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shoppers from a thanksgiving labor dis
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welcome back. couple of cars coming from marin county across the golden gate bridge, which is wet, nearly an inch of rain in san francisco, a lot of ponding on the roads. here's the last three hours, storms still coming from the southwest heading northeast. running parallel to the front, slowed down which means just about all of us outside of the north bay are going to have wet weather for the morning commute. 4:43. getting naked on the streets of san francisco is a step closer to being against the law. the board of supervisors narrowly approved ordinance
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banning public nudity following hours of debate. minutes after the vote, there was a protest. >> i would not have gotten naked at city hall if they hadn't tried to ban nudity which is a wonderful form of free expression. >> we are a city that believes in freedom and free expression, taking your pants off at castro and market and displaying genitals to everyone is not free expression. >> the supervisors will take one final vote next month. the law includes exceptions for events like the street fair and beta breakers. opponents have filed a lawsuit saying it violates civil rights. 11th hour struggle between hostess and bakers union has failed, 18,000 workers, including several hundred in oakland stand to lose their jobs. maker of twinkies, ding-dongs
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and wonder bread say talks broke down yesterday without agreement. the company will head to bankruptcy court today with the intense of selling off its assets. shoppers who decide to brave wal-mart stores thanksgiving night could be welcomed by other than the greeter protesters plan to picket 1,000 stores. federal labor officials don't expect to have a decision today they say the situation is complex the largest employer does not recognize an official workers' union and claims the picketing is illegal. the group says it wants to inform customers about low wages and unfair conditions for wal-mart workers. we've compiled a list of stores opening thanksgiving day on, you can browse black friday sale ads. >> did i already give it my seal of approval? >> you did. >> okay. next, brazen theft caught on
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video. are your holiday packages safe? tips to protect yourself from getting ripped off. a baby born with part of her heartbeating outside of her body. the
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let's look at high temperatures across the country. 50s and 60s east of the rock kaoerbgs new orleans and miami mid to upper 70s, dallas 80, phoenix 82, 347 seattle, 50 portland that does come with wet weather. most airports on time, fog around chicago potential delays through o'hare and midway. at home rain around sfo, oakland and san jose, i'm thinking flight arrival delays are on the ticket today for sfo as soon as they let us know we'll let you know. the thank travel rush is
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on, -- the thanksgiving travel rush is on, fog in chicago, you are seeing it now. midway airport is the southside midway not too far from here there may be affects there as well. another busy airport hartsfield in atlanta one of the busiest airports in the world. sunshining there, they -- the sun is shining there, they shouldn't have much trouble there. we have a warning this holiday season to tell you blood pressure. three robbery suspects off the -- to tell you about. thieves made off with cell phones in two hold-ups at gunpoint late monday. investigators say they used the tracking applications to make arrest. they urge everyone to store the phone's make, model and
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serial number somewhere else. police trying to determine if a house cleaner charged with burglarizing two homes stole from other clients. 36-year-old martha ramirez of redwood city accused of stealing from a home she worked for 20 years. a website recommends that you have a security keypad with a code that you can change, check references and ask for a background check. you should ask a friend or neighbor to drop by, unannounced if you can't be home when your hired help is there. warning about thieves targeting homes for packages left at the door. they are called porch pirates, especially aggressive in fremont. nick smith has more. >> reporter: do you know this woman? fremont police are asking the public to help them identify the thief who stole a package
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from this pore in broad daylight. trevor is -- prefer homeowner caught it on time. >> i could tell she had a lot of practice, very good at looking nonchalant walking up on the porch and taking it. >> reporter: when the ups driver delivered the package an alert was sent to his smartphone. >> it showed somebody coming up on the porch and making off with it. >> reporter: she also made off with the bag of groceries collected as part of a holiday food donation. all movement around trevor's door activates this camera police say they are looking for high end gifts. they say retrieve packages as soon as they arrive or ask the company to hold it until you are home. they suggest marking packages, signature required and use a company that provides a tracking says. that's what trevor did, amazon sent him a replacement a pair
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of men's boot, size 11. police tell me there have about no arrests made but they've posted that video on youtube, so far more than 300 hits. nick smith, abc7 news. >> here are more tips to help keep your house safe while you away. ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye out. place some inside lights or radio on a timer, stop deliveries that includes, mail, newspapers and packages. never reveal your travel plans on a social media site. you never know who is reading blogs on facebook. -- or facebook. giants proving they have big hearts the team answered the call to fill food bank shelves in san francisco and marin with a $10,000 check enough to pay for the remaining turkeys for several organizations that feed the hungry on the holiday. the day after thanksgiving is
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now orange and black friday for fans, season tickets go on sale this friday. >> you had to share that with everybody, i wanted the best seats, that's great. >> when we drove in, definitely rain. is it going to get easier for folksgpqd leaving later? >> yes, especially farther north you are, you've had the heaviest rain so foreheading into the south bay now. -- rain so far heading into the south bay now. right around hp pavillion you can see, even if the heaviest of the wet weather hasn't made it to your neighborhood yet it is already wet down there. live doppler, east bay hills and east bay valleys, east bay hills south of moraga towards san ramon, north canyon, crow canyon, up to alamo, heading out to the west at concord,
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clayton, pittsburg, antioch, nice looking radar returns there. as you come out of sunol grade and head south on 680 or fremont 880, you are going to run into heavier rain on your trip into milpitas, across the dumbarton bridge. south from palo alto, portola valley towards sunnyvale more light to moderate rain. daly city in colma, a cell to about candlestick park this morning that is going to head east watch out alameda you have another wave of wet weather coming your way. temperatures mild, mid 50s to near 60 in san jose, mountain view and oakland. mid to upper 50s, most of the monterey bay and inland, 61 in monterey, showers end by noon, chilly tonight significantly cooler than this morning, patchy fog, dry from thanksgiving through the weekend. temperatures won't rise much
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today, mid to possibly a few upper 60s, under increasing sunshine, low to mid 60s monterey bay, mid to upper 60s inland higher elevations around monterey bay where we could fan a stray shower during the afternoon. 39 napa, 40 santa rosa, low to mid 40s inland mid to upper 40s bay and coast. front is slowing as it moves over top of us, this trough is going to kick it through best radar returns from the san mateo bridge south at 7:00, by noon about one last chance of scattered shower, 5:00 cool quickly overnight fog tomorrow morning 10:00 breaking out in sunshine for the holiday temperatures about the same as today, it may be even cooler friday morning if you are out and about shopping, dress appropriately mid to upper 60s friday, saturday, low to mid 60s sunday, monday, tuesday stkwraoeufpt >> if you are trying to get out of town this early
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wednesday morning towards. -5 eastbound 580 three lanes blocked with jackknife big rig, "sig alert" in effect, just past greenville, you will find slowing to the scene and we will check back on that to make sure trying to get cleared out of there eastbound past greenville jacknifed big rig, three lanes blocked. westbound 84 past 880 car in center divide slowing things as you come off the dumbarton bridge. drainage work high street on-ramp to northbound 880 standing water and pooling areas take extra caution. southbound 880 at 980 a taxi spunnout two lanes blocked, tow truck on scene, northbound 280 at cesar chavez accident blocking a lane in san francisco. baby girl in texas is amazing her family and doctors as she recovers from surgery
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for a rare heart defect. the mother hasn't been able to hold her five week old daughter born with part of her heartbeating outside of her chest. s did say this condition is usually fatal, -- doctors say this condition is usually fatal but she survived after doctors created a space in her chest and repositioned her heart. >> they have no idea how thankful i am. if it wind for them, as well as the grace of god, she wouldn't be here. >> the baby is doing well, she will need more surgery and still has a hole in her heart, doctors are hoping that will heal on its own >> coming up, travel trouble for the thanksgiving holiday. one airline just authorized a strike. big protest hits major west coast airport. annual holiday tradition
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qm think thanksgiving turkey should get more than a presidential pardon. >> mike will have a lot more on the rain that really came in overnight and is still going to impact you on this morning's commute. sue will check your traffic. >> stay with us. ♪
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